Combined with the more attractive choice of colours, free carry bag in the box, and an extended warranty to 2 years, we feel the original MSI Wind U is not just the first Wind, it also breezes into first place. Hexus Built firmly on the foundations laid down by the original Wind, MSI’s new netbook baby, the Wind UH, is more of the same, but with a slight twist. It’s an interesting idea, but the results are mixed. Its battery life is the longest we’ve seen in an Intel Atom-based netbook, lasting well over five hours. MSI Wind notebook starts the storm Source: CNet The MSI Wind U makes a positive first impression with its polished design and roomy for a Netbook display and keyboard, but it’s missing a handful of features–bigger battery, solid-state hard drive, and WWAN–that would turn it from a very good to a great on-the-go mini-laptop.

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We never once felt as though compromises had been made. With U90 you will get a bag that is, at jsi surprise, colored in white.

After all, the U’s exterior is eye-catching – even sexy, considering the glossy deep-blue finish of our review model. Ohne Netzteil durch den Tag Source: It’s small and fairly light about 2. While the battery life ranges from excellent to out-of-this-world, viseo performance is just average. A small and light ultra mobile PC, which looks and performs better than some of its rivals.

The big problem with the U, though, is its price. The main purpose of the redesign was to reduce costs and the Wind U is very affordable, but that price also comes with RAM that can’t be upgraded and a battery life that is on the lower end of six cell netbook models. Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: MSI should be praised for the idea of a hybrid netbook and the battery life results demonstrate that this part of the U is a success.


This weight is representative for typical laptops with a inch display-diagonal. It’s stylish, it’s easy to type on and it’s quick.

MSI Wind UUS Netbook – video dailymotion

If you’re looking to use this machine for the daily vieo, you may find it a little large but as a basic everyday machine it’s simply fantastic. PC Pro So, the Wind is, in the main, the breath of fresh msl we’d hoped for all along. The MSI Wind U is a solid netbook with a comfortable keyboard and a more stylish design than its predecessor. To deal with the extra power, you’ll notice the fan kicks in to life and stays on for the duration you run Turbo Boost.

Combined with the more attractive choice of colours, free carry bag in the box, and msl extended warranty to 2 years, we feel the original Ksi Wind U is not just the first Wind, it also breezes into first place. PC Authority The netbook market is now a year old, and it’s worth reflecting on how things have changed over that time, particularly when it comes to considering a refresh of one of our favourites from last years crop of netbook models: It’s small and fairly light about 1kgand it’s sturdy enough to take a beating.

Power saving version of the Atom N with additional Virtualization Support and more power saving techniques. Techradar Naturally, this only works when you’re plugged in. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

But Asus got all of them off-guard. MSI made a large splash in the laptop market when it released the Wind U, the first inch netbook.

MSI U100 with SSD boot-up time test

After all, the U’s exterior is eye-catching–even sexy, considering the glossy deep-blue finish of our review model. The U90 uses the same chassis but, despite its lower price, the smaller screen and reduced storage fail to pack the punch of its predecessor. Other characteristics are identical to model U which can be sad for our impressions too. While we’ve been frank in our criticism of netbooks for their lack of just that, it’s as much a reflection of the sector and its demands as the strategy of any manufacturer – when you’re trying to make low-cost devices there isn’t a great deal of wiggle room!


MSI Wind Series – External Reviews

The battery life is not great, but it is still within acceptable levels. For travellers — or anyone who wants to work for long periods of time away from a power outlet — the MSI Wind U is perfect. While the original specs that called for an 80GB hard drive with 3-cell battery can still be found, most Winds on sale today pack GB and a beefier 6-cell unit. The combination of both SSD and HDD in one unit is a clever trick, so you can use each storage medium for what it does best. Nothing has really suffered in this version, and anyone who purchases the netbook will be happy with it.

Though most of the MSI Wind U’s specs follow the standard netbook formula, its incredible battery life makes it a standout. While the design and features don’t look as cutting edge as they once did, this is still a great netbook, and if you’re after an all-in-one solution, it looks like a good option.