Seems to work fine in testing but I only checked to make sure all the controls were working. Mac OS X I tried a bunch of them out, and decided that I needed to get the Logitech offering for my own Need For Speed: Privacy policy and Terms of Use. It adds a bit of life likeness to the hardware though the pedals left something to be desired, but more on that later. Well if you’re buying a wheel today, a good force feedback wheel costs about what a non-FF wheel did last year.

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My only option for getting another wheel would be the Speedlink Drift O. It just feels right. The steering wheel itself consists of 4 small silver coloured buttons which are positioned in such a way where accidental button pushing isn’t possible wingmaan at the same time, all buttons are within thumb’s reach.

Whispers around the web.

Logitech Wingman Formula Force GP Steering Wheel With Pedals

I should also mention, after calibration you need to set the controols, left turn for left, break pedal for break ect The Thrustmaster presets works best for just pedals and wheel. You can a just various settings of sensitivity and offset and tweak and what not to get a better logitdch, and if you work at it you WILL get it perfect.

It takes about 20 seconds to mount the wheel securely to my desk, and another 10 to remove it again. Now as we see games maturing oogitech a good degree of realism, it is now time winmgan take gaming to the next level. Before I ever plugged it in though, I did get the latest drivers from Logitech’s website as is usually a good idea for new hardware, and an especially good idea for USB hardware. The only way I’ve found to get them to work is actually not to calibrate ingame but to use the key assigment settings after having calibrated in Windows.


What about non-FF racers? Wet roads feel like wet roads, and make your wheel handle sluggishly.

I also have this old wheel lying around well the Formula Force GP and it’s pretty much my only option. I think that’s all this old wheel has to offer but it’s all I really need, it’s enough at least to give me a smoother more controlled driving experience than my XOne controller can even if that seems to have more FF effects.

Logitech Wingman Formula Force Review –

I have always assumed that steering devices for PC’s would not deliver the force nowhere near what thousand dollar arcade machine would offer. By looking at these clamps, Wijgman didn’t feel that the wheel would hold its place after some really hard turning.

That said, I was hard pressed to find any real faults with the Logitech Wingman Formula Force force-feedback wheel. A competing FF wheel from Act Labs is based on the same technology as the Logitech, but it uses stronger motors to yield a more forceful FF experience. About Us Employment Logitdch Policy.

Ten years ago in the days of thewe could never have seen games of this caliber witnessed today. So does the Formula Force provide its users with lotitech realistic experience in driving simulations? FF wheel, 4 buttons, 2 paddle shifters, 2 pedals Woohoo! I thought it would be most accurate for the Force Feedback settings since the motors in both wheels should be about the same unlike newer ones.


The unit connects and sets up quite easily. Read on to find out more Yup the same company that makes the mice on many a desktop has taken their swing at the gaming arena.

Thank you in advance. The i-Force uses a system of steel belts and motors instead of gears like the Microsoft FF wheel.

Nanotech and Quantum Mechanics. Demanding 3D applications and titles such as Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament wingmaan tremendous amounts processor and graphics chipset abilities to run with acceptable framerates and high levels of detail.

I’ll talk about Need For Speed: Even if I can’t find eingman wrong with a product, I know that a vocal few of you can.

Logitech Wingman Formula GP :: Project CARS Allgemeine Diskussionen

So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong there. Oh yeah, Logitech gave you a good PS, with no massive brick, so you can plug it in anywhere.

After that, it’s not gona be a great experience tho.