I’m just used to using a track pad as thats all I’ve ever used basically. Thanks i got ur reply,d laptop is dell latitude d,and please can the sim card slot be used to browse if i inscert a configured line there,please i need ur reply. You must take the battery out before inserting the SIM card, which prevents any possibility of it being knocked out. The p also includes a track point, but I have not played around with that since the last time I used a track point was about 12 years ago on a real old IBM. Discussion in ‘ HP ‘ started by marmion , Jul 11,

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Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a variety of other subjects since Flip the laptop over, reconnect its power cables and peripherals and then turn the slkt back on. It is suprising how guys come up with their most def.

I would like the option to lower the brightness further to save battery life, but otherwise I have no complaints. Grip it gently and slide it out of the SIM card slot the remainder slit the way.

It has good 6190p and responsiveness and I only needed to adjust the scroll area as I felt it was a tad too large, getting in the way of scrolling. Maybe you are talking about 6910o memory card slot reader for Camera or multimedia micro sd? These bags can be obtained from most technology stores. Even the fastest fan speed under benchmarking is acceptable, and sjm less than the nx which uses a cooler Pentium M. Although the touch sensitive buttons look nice and attractive, I would agree with Andrew and say that I prefer the old type of rubber buttons like my nx Pushing the lid results in no LCD distortion, which is a change from the nx Slip the battery out of the battery bay to reveal the SIM card slot.


How to use SIM slot in HP compaq p [Solved]

Typing this review, all I can hear is the hard drive doing its indexing thing. What do you think about that LOL.

Nairaland Forum Welcome, Guest: The keyboard is generally warm, but not anywhere near hot or as bad as my nx can get. Yes, my password is: Click the name of the mobile provider from which you obtained the SIM card and then click “Connect. I would expect the 8 cell to double the battery life of the notebook.

Our router is situated downstairs. For everyone else, stay tuned to this thread. Hi, I hope i aint dreaming but do u mind uploading a picture of that slot? Slide the battery back into the battery bay until both the release latch and the locking latch click.

How can i use the sim card slot for my HP compaq 6910p laptop??

Swipe your mouse pointer to the bottom-right corner of your screen, click “Settings” and then click the “Network” icon, which is identified by a series of vertical bars. In-built 3G bradband modem Sim Slot. Do you already have an account? Any audiophile would need to use external devices such as speakers or headphones. About the Author Andrew Tennyson has been writing about culture, technology, health and a si, of other subjects since According to H, my notebook should ship out tomorrow or friday.


I feel really good about my purchase based ssim your review and the reviews of the predecessor nc I’m just used to using a track pad as thats all I’ve ever used basically. They do it to give the lappy away cheaply for internet connectivity on their network, but they make sure you can only use it on their own network, just like our dear mtn will always do.

The volume is sufficient to fill a medium size room, but are nothing to write home about. He inserted Etisalat sim and it worked in it. Sound The p, like the nc has two speakers on the front right of the notebook.

Intel C2D T 2.