We wrapped the exposed wires in electrical tape, and then installed the Thomson driver on our computer. Somewhat primitive, but at least you can reach for the holy grail of one remote to control all. Welcome to Windows 7 Forums. It would be ideal with this kind of remote if you could backup its settings to avoid this in the future, but it’s been over a month and I haven’t bothered to reprogram it yet. Also remember to be explicit in defining what you do with the Power button in PC mode. Doing this has made Sage grind to a halt.

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I would like to use remote desktop A work in progress So far, I’m pleased.

Gyration Media Center Remote – Gyrus | eBay

Almost the remote I’ve qindows looking for. You rdmote also remove the dongle and plug it back in later, and it will remember the components you’ve matched it with.

What about desoldering the transmitter from the remote and replacing it with bluetooth so it will work with an android tablet. Everything was fine before installing the driver. After associating the devices, everything works keyboard, air mouse and remote. Find all posts by Steep.


Gyration-based MCE Remotes

I am using Vista ulitmate Please help…. The Gyration MCE remote is an awesome piece of equipment and has freed me from having a mouse and multiple remotes at my couch. Pretty Good deal Quote: To confirm the observations above Contact Us Legal Privacy and cookies.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The remote control worked fine, but none of the media center buttons work. Gyration-based remotes operate over long distances more than a room away via RF.

Gyration MCE Remote? – Windows 7 Help Forums

Find all posts by UFGrayMatter. Using [xmodmap] is a simple way to work around that. I will have a write up available soon here, and on the ubuntu forums.

This mapping really should be handled at the mythtv level. I initially plugged the device into my pc and windows recognized it for a couple of seconds.

We wrapped the exposed wires in electrical tape, and then installed the Thomson driver on our computer. I purchased both the dongle yy, from dell and the remote from Ebay.

Thanks for the tip!

Thank you for this great, quick and easy hack! Other keys send standard sequences that mythtv really ought to understand out of the box, but doesn’t. The mouse functionality also works out of the box. The PC with problems has problems with all remotes, so I bought this one to see if it would resolve itself.


Then it just says the USB port is drawing too much power. Must be they only stock one at a time or something. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum Care to recommend a remote access method beside Remote Desktop? Notify me of new posts via email. Windoows the meantime I’ve remapped all the keys on the number keypad to perform the MCEish functions and am willing to make do until I feel like torturing myself again.

Not an ideal hack. It also works as a great TV remote so instead of 10 remotes, we only need this one. The time widows is