Hotplug support has been made more intelligent, so if you configure a device as the default output for a stream, unplug that device — causing the stream s to be moved to another output device — and later reattach it, the stream is moved back to the preferred device. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Fedora SELinux sandbox – It is now possible to confine applications’ access to the system and run them in a secure sandbox that takes advantage of the sophisticated capabilities of SELinux. For comments or queries, please contact us. And for developers using Eclipse, version 3. PackageKit plugins – PackageKit now has a plugin which can install an appropriate package when a user tries to run a command from a missing package.

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Content is available under Attribution-Share Alike 3. You can even create scripts to perform complex tasks directly on guest disk images.

Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, fdeora12 a new release about every six months. There’s lots of little fixes as well: The most recent versions of emacs, mercurial, and php are included – no need to worry about downloading the latest and greatest, we’ve got them all. Fast, stable, secure, and ready for you to work your magic.

This is a vidso technology, and some video cards may not be supported. Retrieved from ” https: That page has information on what to do if you don’t find your bug, too. We have several major new features with special focus on desktops, netbooks, virtualization and system administration. PackageKit is even more helpful in Fedora 12, including: Unity hands photo credit: That’s right – you can stand right up and dance your heart out or go get a cup of coffee without losing a beat!


What’s New in Fedora 12? PackageKit finds software for you, whether you’re looking for ways to deal with files from friends or just want to explore the over 15, packages that Fedora provides for free. You can even take handwritten notes on digital notebook paper.

Fedora 12 one page release notes – Fedora Project Wiki

Better than ever tablet support allows fdora12 to enjoy pressure-sensitive drawing out-of-the-box – no mucking with configuration files required! Fedora 12 Constantine is filled fedoda12 improvements that make Linux better than ever for all types of users.

And when you’re ready, installation is just a click away. This is a community maintained site. The SELinux alert monitoring tool has also added the ability to report SELinux issues to Bugzilla quickly and easily with just a couple of clicks.

Fedora 12 one page release notes

Multi-Pointer X – The update to X. PolicyKit integration has been added so configuration management can be done via central policy where needed. Cell writer handwriting recognition lets you input text without having to use a keyboard.

By taking advantage of the latest improvements in webcam and video support embedded in Fedora 12, Empathy lets you experience the next generation of IM.


Get started at http: Here are a few of the new things you can expect to see when you try out Fedora Lower process privileges – In order to mitigate the impact of security vulnerabilities, permissions have been hardened for many files and system directories. Start a voice chat with friends online, or chill out with some fedoraa12 in Rhythmbox.

Also available in this release are SystemTap 1. This is low-level work of which applications and desktop environments will incrementally take advantage in future releases. Red Hat is not responsible for content. Whether you’re looking to keep your calendar in sync or keep the music flowing throughout your day, Fedora’s there for you. For developers, Fedora 12 includes a rich set of development tools, including all popular programming languages, IDEs, and an extensive set viedo libraries.

A number of improvements are included in Fedora 12 to make your life easier. Fedora is a Linux-based operating system that brings the latest in free and open source software to your desktop, laptop and server. Also, process privileges have been lowered for a number of core components that require super user privileges.