We tried you MasterCard but the number does not seem to exist. If not, how do the manufacturers allow this to continue, not just for the sake of themselves but more importantly for the integrity of the golf industry? I would recommend that no one buy new clubs on ebay as I would estimate that about half are fakes. One company gave them an 81 percent safe rating. My friend told me the name of golf business and said from Chicago. Want to join this community? When you get the package and you can see china on return address!

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Started by francis89Sep 26 I have bought dozens faek sets of clubs off them, Sometimes the brand names fall off the club but I just glue them back on and sell them for a 20 percent profit on a local auction website.

Fake golf clubs from Taiwan claiming to be TaylorMade Burner 2.0

Has anyone ever purchased from http: Has anyone had any experience with this site? That is biggest joke!

Do the right thing — got to your local retailers, make comparisons, try out different models and be assured what you decide to buy will be the real deal. I would be interested to hear your experience with taylorjade as well as any other people that have bought from garagesalegolf.


According to the cobra websiteclick the online dealer link golf are an authorised dealer. A friend just bought some Calaway clubs not sure which model from this site at a VERY good price which makes me think its a scam.

I am thinking of placing an order for a Ping K15 on luckygolf Should I be worried? I bought from http: Just to let you know that Acushnet own quite taylormae few of the big brands, and you cannot deal with them unless you have abricks and mortar golf retail outlet.

These guys just go too far.

The Official Counterfeit Thread – Page 18

I purchased or thought I txylormade a Bang Storm driver from a company called golf discount center supposedly from San Mateo CA in late August and have yet to receive my order two months later. If the stores should really be getting products from the manufacturers, then their inventories should be updated and low-priced. The about us citation will read something like: We will also donate 5 percent of your purchase price to help clear the pollution in the skies of China.

To me it read more like an advertisement than a worthy news story. From this list, the Hot was selected.

Other than checking with the OEM if there is a serial number on it. Now I’m very worried considering I just bought from them recently because of what I read here.

Fake Taylormade Burner 2.0’s?

All you need to do is research prices of new irons to know someone is trying to pawn off some fake irons. I recently considered ordering a set of Taylormade R11 irons of a website. I am so glad I did some research and found this site.


Hope no one flags me for it. Im not saying that I think everyone should do it but I was taught golf by a pretty oldschool guy a former combat medic during WW2 to be exact and Ive always liked the practice. Does anyone have any info on the sites buycheapgolf.

beautiful: Fake alert! How a driver Taylormade burner rubber spot.

Have you heard anything about this site? Though I sold the nice, legit Callaways I just bought, I did not place that order. Has anyone ever seen a fake left handed club? It would appear English is not the first language of the author. Has anyone dealed with http: I think we can safelf add http: I am left handed and looking to get a set of irons. Easily the cheapest in the world, possibly cheaper than the cheapest. Posted June 30,