But you can copy the data off first by using a modern computer and attaching the drive directly first. I purchased two and one failed within a month. I used a flathead screwdriver to pry apart the plastic case as described in the article and retrieved the hard drive easily. I already disconnected and reconnected the drive but it still shows the same thing. April 30, at 7:

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This is the worst thing anyone can do to see if caleg drive is damaged, or conversely to see if it still works. If you DONT want to take chances send it to someone with a clean room who has a policy for dropped drives that includes inspections before turning the drive on.

The value of concern in the comment was attribute 02, labelled Throughput Performance. There are no drives which present native 4k sectors to the OS directly without e, at least, to my knowledge on the consumer market. This will separate the tabs that close the case just enough but not enough to break them.

I discovered the reason behind random file-system corruption hhf a 2. Please fill out a quote request https: I decided to use valeb drives inside …do not hhe the USB bridge which seems to be the main issue on these i have 5 of them all been in use over a year now so all good. You are likely running into the 4kB sector translation issue due to the use of a bridge chip that performs 4k translation — see experiments here: They said that it made a flat tire sound.


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Thanks for letting us know! Note that the values themselves may vary depending on your drive model and the way the firmware interprets the values. And how can I repair my hard disk.

But take care when you are opening it, try to be on bed because you will need both hands and if the unit flies out of your hands it is better to land on a soft place. The safest way is always to back-up if you can afford it, or keep close eyes on the SMART data and performance of the drive speed, sound which you seem to be doing.

Hello dear friend, I live with my family 3 people and 10 pets. While I was sleeping the laptop slide down and fell off the floor and hit the Hard Drive.

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cleb If u r able to fix ur hard drive please contact me. I did plugged it in and the flashlight starts and I can hear the platter starting to spin but after a few seconds it stops. Roughly, how much would it cost to have a dropped drive fixed.

April 30, at 7: For instance the green economical drives are common in western digital externals. So very unhappy do not recommend Toshiba at all i understand one drive may have a problem but both and there customer support is slow unresponsive and its also hard to find the right info re RMA warranty service ect…All in all a bad experience. Hhhd guys, I dropped my hard disk hard on the floor.


I hope you find the information useful.

My Hard Drive Dropped – Now What?

Easily done with the dd command. January 19, at 4: Step 2 is to fill the drive with calrb data. It is possible the drive will also need donor parts, but that depends on how much the drive has been powered since the initial failure. Can this corrected manually. You will also not want to trust it anymore….

Further to this, by disassembling the drive, you will void all warranties. Needless to say, once I changed the bridge chip by moving the drive to a new enclosurethe problem disappeared. Can I get a guide to how to actually fix it cause I want to open it and check? Push it a little in if you can.

Now when I plug in, I hear a couple of Spin and then it stops. There is a chance however we would need to inspect it in our clean room to be able to cleb you a definite answer.