Originally Posted by Tsjanith 1 track trying to record guitar and I don’t know. Either both channels work or neither. The attached project file only shows me the Master track setup which is fine and the Project Settings also fine. Did you read chapter Otherwise it will default to the first output pair. May or may not be a stupid question.

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Did you read chapter Are both speakers are definitely connected? In both recording and playback of otherwise clean earlier recordingsthe sound is just noisy.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Or is it just bad hardware? I have had the IO2 for 2 months and have experienced the same problems.

If you definitely have enabled all channels in Audio device prefs including first and last outputI’d say next place alesia look is in your Alesis control software. Windows sounds run at 22khz, I believe, which can force your IO2 to operate at that sampling rate. You should really change the inputs AND outputs that you are physically using to be connected to the IO2.


Find More Posts by slipstick. You did not answer whether the problem affects both live monitoring and recording playback or not. Thanks for your suggestions guy. I don’t have Realtek HD like everyone seems to assume I do. Steve Last edited by slipstick; at In the end i just returned the damn piece of crap.

And they claim near 0 latency?! I switched the Windows default audio device back to my internal soundblaster and all was well with Sonar and my new interface. Tsjanith, Too burned out to read thru all the thread, but a couple things. The outputs are the same. I can’t believe that. Seems like it’s working fine. This happens in both bit and bit modes. I cannot find the option to toggle mono to stereo for output. Originally Posted by insub You can get an adapter for not much.

But, typically you do not get only one channel working. Hi all, Aslo just bought an alesis io2 for my athlon64 laptop, and I am having some problems.

And that’s not where the speakers are connected.


Alesis io2 setup – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Windows sounds are already totally disabled. Uo2, this thread would be more useful to others if you change the title of your original post to something like “Alesis i o 2 setup. Yes, I have external speakers hooked up through my PC, and they are both working fine until I connect the device.

I do genuinely very much appreciate it. Find More Posts by nicholas. I suppose you have checked that you haven’t accidentally panned the Master channel hard left? Is this an inherent problem with alesis and drivers? Wlesis but after years working computer support I always ask the basic questions. It helped, but there were still persistent problems, even with the asio4all driver. We have offered you every reasonable troubleshooting solution for this problem.