Operation Command Remarks Configure the level of a command command-privilege level level view view Required in a specific view command You are recommended to use the default command level or modify the command level under the guidance of professional staff; otherwise, the change of command level may bring inconvenience to your maintenance and operation, or even potential security problem. The device running STP is shut down or removed. Page – Cluster configuration example Page Page Page – Enhanced cluster feature configuration e If the configuration order is reversed, your priority trust setting will fail. Acer Notebook WiFi Router 2. If you specify a source aggregation group ID, the system will use the port with the smallest port number in the aggregation group as the source.

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BPDUs contain sufficient information for the network devices to complete the spanning tree calculation.

Among these ports, those operating as the root ports will then send agreement Three attributes of the configuration file Main attribute. Chapters Table of Contents Generally, when receiving a multicast packet for a multicast group not yet registered on the switch, the switch will flood the packet within the VLAN to which the port belongs.


Page – Setting to output system information to To enable the proxy detecting function, you need to enable the online user handshaking function first. Don’t have an account? Page Page – Password control configuration Page Page – Configuring the limitation of minimum pa Page Page – Setting to output system information to Part Contents 1 Login Introduces the ways to log into an Ethernet switch.


Otherwise, DLDP may operate improperly.

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If the calculated configuration BPDU is superior, this port will serve as the designated port, and the configuration BPDU on the port will be replaced with the calculated configuration BPDU, which will be sent out periodically. Prerequisites The controlling policy against network management users is determined, including the source IP addresses to be controlled and the controlling actions permitting or denying. Page – Adding a static mac address entry manual Page – Configuring ip address wwl-535 Page – Dhcp accounting configuration Page – Displaying and maintaining the dhcp serv Intel Notebook WiFi Router 2.

To enable the communication between the information source and members of a multicast group a group of information receiversnetwork-layer multicast addresses, namely, IP multicast addresses must be provided. Designed specially for Intel brand notebooks for sharing the Intel notebook’s Internet with other WiFi-enabled devices.

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wl-35 You can execute the reset command in user view to clear the statistics information about IGMP Snooping. Commands concerning routing and network layers are at this level.

The following text only takes Telnet users as example to describe the configuration procedure for local authentication.

Page Page – Displaying and maintaining ssh configura Page – Arp attack defense configuration example Configure port priority in system view Follow these steps to configure port priority in system view: Switches operate as the access devices of the customer networks, that is, Switch A and Switch B in the network diagram.


Reserved for future use except for the Touch sensor at front of case, which activates a night light; 3. Page – Configuring the mstp operation mode Page – Configuring the maximum hop count of an Gateway notebook WiFi Router is a software-based WiFi routing utility that turns your Gateway ql-535 into a wireless router.

With the root port or master port being blocked, the alternate port becomes the new root port or master port. If you have to do so, make sure that the voice VLAN does not operate in security mode. Page 21 3Com Switch G Family Command Reference igmp-snooping router-aging-time Use the command to configure the aging time of the router port.

The port is enabled only after the authentication succeeds. Saved configuration, a configuration file used for initialization. If you 3cm the scheme radius-scheme radius-scheme-name local command, the local scheme is used as the secondary scheme in case no RADIUS server is available. Configuration procedure Configure Switch A as follows: